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Blood Thawer Machine

Orderid: Brand:Kaida

Technical Parameter

Model                                 BT-8 
Speed range              0~300r/min
Temperature range                     RT ~100℃ 
Temperature Accuracy                  ±0.5℃
Amplitude                             20mm
Working Ways                          Reciprocating
Heating power                         1880W 
Time Range                            0-120min
Power Supply                          AC 220V 50Hz 18A or AC 110V 50Hz 18A
Dimension                             700×550×480mm 
Weight                                45kg

Product Description


1. precise temperature control, digital display.

2. small waves, no splashed oscillation.

3. has a mechanical timing.

4. universal spring tray particularly suitable for hospital transfusion room sample incubation preparation.

5.variable speed, smooth operation, safe and easy to operate.

6.the inner chamber is made of stainless steel, good corrosion resistance.

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