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Crude Oil Moisture Determining Centrifuge / Oil Centrifuge

Orderid: Brand:Kaida

Technical Parameter

Model                            DD5Y 
Max Speed                        4000r/min 
Max Rcf                          4300×g 
Max Capacity                     4×100ml Crude Oil Moisture Determining Tube
Speed Accuracy                   ±50r/min 
Temperature Range                RT-+80℃ 
Temperature Accuracy             ±2℃ 
Time Range                       1-999min/sec 
Power Supply                     AC 220V 50Hz 20A / AC110V 60Hz 20A
Noise                            ≤65dB 
Dimension                        610×720×1140mm 
Weight                           108kg

Product Description

The centrifuges are commonly used to measure: water and sediment in crude oil, these centrifuges were designed with the GB/T6533-86 & ASTM D4007 standard.



1. Microprocessor control, operated by touch panel, LCD display, operated data can be saved automatically, RCF value can be set directly for working, easy to use.

2. Brushless converter motor which has high torque, High speed bearing from Europe, smoothly running and maintenance-free.

3. Multistage damping system, low noise and slight vibration.

4. Steel body, stainless steel centrifugal chamber, imports of key components, durable and easy to clean. 

5. Overspeed, door interlock, imbalance protection, ensure safety.

6. Special high-power calefaction, quick temperature-rise. Proprietary SCT speed control, fast acceleration and deceleration, high efficiency. 

7. Adjustable acceleration and deceleration from grade 0 to 9 or directly set the time of Accel/Decel, 40 kinds of self-defining operating models can be stored and recall, to achieve the best centrifugal result.

8. According with the standard GB/T6533-86 (CRUDE OIL MOISTURE DETERMINING is designed according to the water and sediment determining in crude oil). It can meet the requirements of GB/T6533-86 & ASTM D4007 standard, and make use of separation to determine the water and deposit in crude oil. It is perfect equipment for moisture determination in oil exploration and research institute.

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