Products-Low-speed Centrifuge

Compact table type low speed centrifuge

Orderid: Brand:Kaida

Technical Parameter

Model                            TD4A 
Max Speed                        4000r/min 
Max Rcf                          1790×g 
Max Capacity                     Angle Rotor 6×15ml
Speed Accuracy                   ±50r/min 
Time Range                       1-60min 
Power Supply                     AC 220V 50Hz or AC 110V 60Hz 
Noise                            ≤60dB 
Dimension                        280×180×130mm 
Weight                           5kg

Product Description


1. Industrial ABS shell helps machine last longer and is easy to clean
2. Centrifuge automatically shuts off if top is opened to ensure the safety of the user
3. Timer can be set for 1—60 min and includes a hold function for longer spins
4. LED panel to display speed
5. Qiuet, smooth spinning usually found in more expensive models
6. Applies to general laboratory use

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