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Refurbished Clinical Laboratory Centrifuges

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Small labs and hospices are always looking to save money. Purchasing refurbished clinical laboratory centrifuges for your small labs would save a lot of money. Available at highly discounted rates, these are excellent alternatives for new products.


Innovative Features and Specifications

Clinical lab centrifuges are used for separating particles from solutions depending on their density, viscosity, size and shape. For carrying out these clinical procedures effortlessly, you can buy clinical laboratory centrifuges with a variety of advanced features. For various clinical applications, today clinical laboratory centrifuges are available in different models including analytical, differential and density China centrifuges.

The specifications and features vary according to the models used. There are systems with angled head rotors, auto-off features, LED power indicator light, unique space saving designs, lid with safety interlocks, vibration free operation and much more. Most of these products are quiet, compact, lightweight and simple to operate.


Refurbished Products with Exceptional Value

Refurbished clinical laboratory China centrifuges maintain high quality standards. Most of the retailers receive a large number of used products which will be later inspected, disassembled, tested and repaired to make them as good as new. To keep the products in proper working condition, the refurbished laboratory products are thoroughly inspected and tested by the experts. They effectively fix the problems of the defective products and develop them to meet original manufacturer specifications.

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