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High speed centrifuge vacuum system, temperature control and Safety devices

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1. Vacuum system

As a high speed ultracentrifuge, if running in the air, when the speed exceeds 4 * 10000 rpm turn, the air friction and heat that is a severe problem. Therefore, the speed centrifuges are equipped with a vacuum system, the centrifugal chamber sealed and pumped into the vacuum, in order to overcome the frictional resistance of air to ensure that the required centrifuge to normal speed.


2. Temperature control and cooling system

Temperature affects the level of particle settling velocity, in addition, many biological samples often requires centrifugal separation at lower temperatures, which requires temperature control. General high-speed centrifuge rotor chamber temperature control device in a thermocouple to monitor turned room temperature. All closed refrigeration compressor. By the compressor, condenser, evaporator, capillary, and four parts. To reduce noise, usually the condenser water cooling system. As with contact temperature thermistor temperature sensing instrument, the measuring instruments on the choice of temperature and read out the temperature control value.


3. Safety devices

High speed Centrifuge safety protection device typically includes the main power supply over-current protection device, the drive speed circuit protection, overload protection and freezer safe operation of the protection of four parts. Turned around in the bottom of the centrifuge speed are equipped with speed disk, if the rotor speed than the reference speed, the centrifuge automatically stop, turned around to ensure that the rotor speed does not exceed the maximum allowable speed. In order to prevent the rotor during operation due to burst damage, speed centrifuge centrifuge cavity is surrounded by a rotating special armored steel sleeve. Steel sleeve can rotate with the debris in order to absorb the huge broken rotor torque, to prevent accidents caused by burst.

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