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What is a Centrifuge

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A centrifuge is any number of devices that spin at a high speed to press objects outward with centrifugal force. It is easy to see centrifugal force by performing a simple experiment. Fill a bucket half way full with water. A large tumbler will work as well, but it isn't as easy to use. Now you have a basic centrifuge.

Find a clear space where you won't hit anything or anyone with your centrifuge. With your arm at your side, quickly spin it in a circle, up over your head and back down to the ground. The centrifugal force created by spinning the bucket or tumbler will keep the water inside. This is a simple example of a centrifuge.

In a real centrifuge, the theory is the same. By spinning a container, whatever is inside is pressed toward the outside of the spin. The centrifuge can contain any number of things, from chemicals to blood to humans. The larger the centrifuge, the more you can spin with it. Smaller versions of this centrifuge operate in much the same way.

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