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Things you should pay attention to when you choose a centrifuge

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When choose a centrifuge, there are four things you should pay attention to:

First, you should learn something about the manufacturer, such as how many years does the manufacturer be in this field, how many engineers it has, how many stuff. you need to learn all these information before choosing a manufacturer.

The second, you should check the delivery time. You also can conclude whether the company is good or not sometimes according to this information.

The third and the most important, you need to check the centrifuges by yourself, to operate and test the machine.
1) to see if the centrifuge librate when it is running. the smaller the inversion, the better the centrifuge.
2) Check if the Noise sounds loudly or not. If the machine runs with a loudly noise, it's not a good machine. The loud noise will make the stuff who works there make mistake, so you should pay attention to it. Genarally speaking, the lower the noise, the better the centrifuges. When the sound sounds abnormally, you should stop  the machine immediately and to check it. 
3) choose the smaller figure and the nice color. A small centrifuge just needs a small space for it,So people usually like to choose a smaller one. And Usually the manufacturers use white  color or  other light color for centrifuges. 
4) Check the quality of the electromotor and compressor be used in centrifuges. Inspect the quality.

The Forth,the last thing you should pay attention to is the after sales service.

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